Friday, 25 January 2013

The Hunt- Andrew Fukuda

The Hunt- Andrew Fukuda

In a futuristic dystopia, where vampires (the murderous, non-sparkly kind!) have completely taken over and replaced the human race, 17 year old Gene is trying to blend in. Simply staying alive is a constant struggle, and if the vamps were to find out that he is human, he would be devoured in seconds.
 But every decade, a hunt is to take place. A random selection of vampires are to be taken to the heper (their word for human) institute, where they will learn to hunt down the last remaining hepers. When Gene is chosen to compete, he is at a loss of what to do. But there is one thing he does know: Do not fall in love withe one of them.

 6/10 stars!

I found this book very entertaining, if not a little strange. But who doesn't love an original idea?
The protagonist, Gene, was like-able enough. It would have been nice if he wasn't so detached from other characters. I never really liked the main love-interest, Ashley-June. She appeared quite arrogant and conceited. Darn, I really wish I could tell you who I do like, but it is a big spoiler!
 What really made the book funny and interesting for me was the unique and comical mannerisms that the Vampires possess. What I find annoying in the masses of other YA Vampire novels is that they portray vampires as the same species as humans, except their lust for blood and their amplified skills. Andrew Fukuda went the extra step ahead and made the Vampires an actual different species than humans! For example, instead of laughing, they just scratch their wrists! Its fun to imagine it; Picture your friend telling a joke, and instead of giggling, your friends just scratch their wrists with straight faces! Wow, it just cracks me up every time. They even drool (like, non-stop, leaky faucet type drool) when they get excited! Do  you even want to know the down-right freaky things that they do to substitute for kissing?
I know that I gave this book a pretty low ranking, but that is primarily because of Gene's detachment from other characters, and my general dislike for the female protagonist, Ashley-June. But I can tell you this, its not a boring, simple read. No, you actually have to give this book your full attention, and it will have you at the end of your seats! This book is extremely suspenseful, and since he could be exposed as a human at any  moment, it means that you can never quite relax. You will be turning pages like a storm!
I actually do encourage you to read this book, and despite my criticisms, I guarantee that you wont be disappointed.
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- Daisy

Monday, 21 January 2013

Obsidian- Jennifer L Armentrout

Obsidian, first installment of Jennifer L. Armentrout's award-winning 'Lux' series is centered around Katy Swartz, awkward book-nerd from Florida. Three years after her father's death, she moves to a desolate town in West Virginia with her mother, and is immediately enthralled with the mystery of her neighbors. She quickly befriends 'Dee', the beautiful, yet incredibly perky girl from next-door. Too bad her brother, Daemon, is a jerk. A frustrating, snarky, insulting, flirty, jaw-droppingly gorgeous jerk. However, as time passes, she starts to notice some weird things happening in the freak-town, and all of them seem to come back to her neighbors. Who are the creepy guys in suits that she keeps seeing around? What's up with all of these unexplained disappearances? And why do Dee and Daemon seem to tense up every time Katy mentions it? After a close call with a truck, Katy discovers that her neighbors are Aliens, who have fled to earth when their planet was destroyed by the 'Alum', evil creatures of darkness, who would give anything to steal their powers, and their life force. And guess what? They're coming for Katy.
My rating:
     8/10 stars!

I really enjoyed reading this book. Armentrout shared an original story with fabulous character development, a steamy romance, and surprises around every corner. I was hesitant to read this book at first, after my mediocre experience reading her other series, covenant. There is also the fact that this book is about aliens. Yes, you heard me, aliens. I sure don't see a lot of paranormal teen fictions quite like this around. 
 But after reading this novel, I want to see more! 
Dee, Katy's best friend (and also an alien), is beautiful, bubbly, and eats like a truck-driver on steroids. I genuinely liked her character, and laughed at some of her humorous charades. With all of the seriousness and death-threats in this story-line, Dee's character helped to lighten the mood, and give you the giggles.
Daemon. Where do i start? I seriously had a crush on this character. His emerald green eyes, full lips, high cheekbones, and dark hair (not to mention totally ripped abs!) are enough to make me swoon. Throughout the first half of the book, however, he acts like a jerk. He humiliates, teases, and insults Katy with every chance he gets. But as the story goes on, we get to see glimpses of the sweet, vulnerable side to him. 
Don't kid yourselves. You know you can't resist a super-hot bad-boy with a soft side. He also gets pretty protective over his little sister, and eventually, over Katy too.
 Whenever any of the Luxen (the name of their alien race) uses their powers around her, her aura glows. After Daemon uses his magic to save her from an unfortunate collision with a motor-truck, she is like a walking disco-ball. But the Alum (evil aliens) can see it too. Lighting up the way she is, she is bound to attract every Alum in America. I would have been happier with more action with the Alum in the first half of the book, as she doesn't even discover that they are aliens until 52% of the way through. However, this isn't to say that i was bored, as Jennifer L Armentrout was sure to stuff it chock-full of drama!
I suggest that for anyone who doesn't mind mild swearing, and is looking for an original paranormal thriller with the perfect dosage of hot romance (and hot guys), this book is for you!
- Daisy H

New rating: 
Ok. Update. I had previously rated this book as 8/10 stars, but I have officially just bumped it down to 6 and a half. I just finished the rest of the series, and realized a BIG problem. The main character, Katy, nearly dies like, every 3rd page. It is driving me crazy. None of the other characters ever seem to be in mortal danger, or are injured badly. Its all "Katy, Katy, Katy"! Katy has been poisoned! Katy has been stabbed! Katy has been tortured! Katy has been kidnapped! Katy nearly drowned! Katy broke a fingernail! Wah, wah, wah! Its driving me crazy. Let me know in the comments if you disagree!
-Daisy H