Rating System

When I am writing my Reviews, I take into account the novel's presentation, story-line, and characters to give it an overall rating! I just had to rate it out of ten rather than out of 5, as I can never decide how many stars to give my fabulous books. 
Here is a rough guide to what my ratings mean:

---- 10/10
Postpone everything: Grocery shopping, book reviewing, eating, sleeping! You must read this book, and you must read it now!

----- 9/10
This book was AMAZING. You better run to the store right now to buy it!

----- 8/10
A total must read! This novel was fabulous!

Great book! Some minor loopholes, but overall, a fun read.

I was a little iffy about some parts, but it was a nice novel.

An okay read, nothing special.

I didn't like it much, just not my cup of tea.

I really disliked this. Just no.

How on earth did this even get published?

One star: Call this a book? I call it a waste of trees.


  1. Haha "call this a book. I call it a waste of trees". Great one!!!

    Thanks for the follow, following back! Love the blog back :D
    Amanda @ Always A Book Geek

  2. nice, i love the one star, One star: Call this a book? I call it a waste of trees


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